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Friday Night in Redwood City and a Blog Lesson

November 17, 2014

Friday night in Redwood City

Hi all…

Well, I must admit that this new blogging thing got a hold of me…   After my “a bit about me” share, I became a bit too ambitious.  I wanted to utilize pictures and other multi-media in my next planned blog post, which deals with knife selection and handling skills…     more time-consuming than I thought…

So..  my wife and I were discussing this new blog tonight after enjoying a lovely night in downtown Redwood City,  where they have free live music on Friday nights in Courthouse Square.   Although I leveled a sound debate about keeping my blogs at a high level of integrity and content, arguing that I needed to spend more time making my “knife skills” blog its very best…  I can assure you that her message came through very clearly…   what I need right now is content…  therefore I think I’ll divert from knife skills for a moment to describe our great evening together here in Redwood City…

Like I mentioned, there’s free live music in Courthouse Square every Friday during the summer.   We like to start by walking along the closed street (Broadway) to bump into friends, you know, a little people watching…    Then, if we’re lucky, we’ll grab a table at the “Little Fox,” which is a small lounge connected to the full-sized historic Fox Theater.  It’s located directly across from the main stage with the live music…  Great margaritas are poured by “Summer,”  the sweet and attentive bartender…   then the challenge is up…    where do we eat?

Tonight we went to a new place…   Sakura.   The sushi was good, the patrons were fun…  they also have teppanyaki, like “Benihana,”  which we’ll try with a group of 8 friends so we can share a table and watch the show.  I really liked the spicy tuna roll, and the Hamachi nigiri was very fresh…    but for my taste, bigger isn’t necessarily better…    Right sized sushi is my bag…  My wife had the veggie tempura.  Most of it was really good, but the zucchini was overdone and the asparagus was too stringy to chew…  but the tempura batter and dipping sauce were GREAT !

Then, on the way back to the car, we stumbled on a “new” place (been open for almost 5 years), Tacone Flavor Grill, that had a ferociously delicious wrap called the “Camper” –  BBQ chicken, fresh corn, coleslaw, and crisp, tiny onion rings with fresh herbs in a BBQ sauce that was simply amazing.  They also have a “sauce” bar with impeccable flavors from around the world… Just help yourself…

All in all it was a great date night…  great food, tasty libations, excellent company (wifey), and a really good lesson for me about flexibility…

Listen to your spouse…  you married ’em for a good reason…

Looking forward to talking again !!


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  1. Great RWC recommendations
    And you are sooo right about listening to your wife:)


  2. You have to remember, wives always make the best decisions/choices. Whenever you are in doubt about that, remember you are one of them. 🙂


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