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Left Over Chicken Quickie

November 23, 2014

Last night, my wife and I decided to stay in for a movie night…  It’s getting dark earlier, cooler, and was drizzling outside, so a fire, a blanket, a couch, a movie, and a hot black-bean and chicken tortilla pie sounded perfect.

We had some left over Costco rotisserie chicken, one leg and two thighs, and wanted to finish it up for dinner, but needed an idea…  I found one last burrito sized flour tortilla, some corn tortillas, and some shredded cheese mix in the fridge.  I looked in the pantry and found a new jar of green salsa from Trader Joes and a can of black beans, and decided to take a chance on a tortilla pie…

So I found a ceramic pie plate about one-and-a-half-inches deep, poured ½ of the green salsa in and spread it around, placed the flour tortilla on top and pushed it down…  It was the perfect size, as the tortilla was a bit larger than the plate, so it came up the edges a bit…   then I sprinkled some shredded cheese about the tortilla…  Next, I pulled the chicken meat off the bone and broke it up with my fingers, dividing it about the tortilla, then I opened and rinsed the black beans in a strainer, shook off the excess water and dumped it in, spreading it evenly… this kinda filled the dish up.

Then I thought, ok… now what?

I was concerned that the middle of the pie would just fall apart when we cut into it, so, hmmmm…

How about Bisquick!  Why not?   So I sprinkled about 4 tablespoon of bisquick on top of the beans, scrambled 1 egg in a small dish and added ½ and ½ to double the volume…  Whisked it up and poured it over the beans…     This was an experiment, I’ve never done this before… there’s nothing like a bit of adventure in the kitchen to keep it interesting…

OK…  then I poured ½ of what was left of the green salsa, added an equal part of our favorite red salsa from a jar, sprinkled salt and pepper, cumin powder, some dried oregano, more cheese, an topped with corn tortillas that were cut into semi-circles…  Oh yea…  More cheese on top…  That’s it…

Popped it in the pre-heated 350 oven for 25 minutes… checked it, turned it 180 degrees, kicked the oven up to 375 and left it in for 15 more minutes…

It wasn’t quite brown enough on top for me yet, so 5 more minutes…   Took it out, let it rest about 10…

It was really, really tasty and warm in the tummy…  The center was silky creamy smooth…  Good flavors of chicken and beans and tangy and spicy salsa…   mmmmm…

Moral of the story…  It’s important to keep a well-stocked pantry and fridge… you never know what you might think of next…

Give it a try…  You can kick it up by adding onion, or canned corn, or fresh cilantro, even fresh tomato…  fix a simple salad to serve along-side…  whip up some of our new personalized 1000 Island and remember…  Have fun with it !!

Happy Heating !!!

  1. Love the blog… even thought don’t care for beans and/or spicy salsa, the point of keeping a well stocked fridge and cupboards was the gem I left with….

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    • Thanks for stopping by to take a look… Stay tuned for the not spicey or black beaney Beef Bourgoignon post… just serves nearly 80 and had tons of left overs… I will show the whole process for you…


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