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Easy Thanksgiving (any) Holiday Cocktail… It worked !!

November 27, 2014

Hi Guys…

I hope everybody experienced joy and laughter with family and friends today while giving thanks for the blessings in our lives and to take time to release the burden of some of life’s challenges for a moment…    Oh yeah…   football frustrations too…

I don’t know about you, but we hosted 16 for our Thanksgiving Feast today…  Hustle and Bustle…

So to get the house ready…  you move your furniture to make room for the extra tables and chairs…  table settings, napkin sculptures, flowers…   and in our case, fix up the back yard with your leaf-blower, mower, and the dreaded lawn furniture cushions that were packed away 5 weeks ago… (it was a sunny 70 degrees today with just a slight breeze in Nor-Cal)…  then there’s that last-minute run to the store for more ice and Wonder Bread for late-night turkey sandwiches (yum)…  you set up and light the fire pit on the deck…  the turkeys in the Webber roasting and toasting… (it’s all worth it…)

You get the idea…

My wife and I ALWAYS want our guests to feel welcome, loved, and mostly…      …relaxed…

With this in mind, I made up a Fall-Themed Cocktail just for today, so everyone could chill out with some tasty appetizers before dinner was served…  I call it “Autumn”…   Here’s the recipe…


In your favorite pitcher, with NO ICE (no melting ice allowed) pour in one equal part of your favorite Vodka, one equal part of your favorite cranberry/raspberry juice from your grocer, and one equal part of your favorite lemonade… (in California, we’re lucky to have a Meyer lemon tree in the back yard…  juice ’em, add water, and simple syrup[1 cup simmering water with 1 cup sugar until its melted, then chilled]  Then add 2 ounces of “apple” vodka, (I used Stoli Gala Apple this evening), and 1 ounce of Amaretto…  and stir…                                                                                         Your mixed pitcher is good all day (unless you need to make 2 or 3 more)…

When ready to serve, put some ice in a shaker for up to 4 (1/3 full) then add 3 – 12 ounces of the mix from the pitcher, cover, shake, and strain into chilled martini glasses…   Add a lemon twist to each cocktail, and there you go…

Give it a try…  give it a taste…  and please let me know what you think…                                   I can assure you that all of our guests, some who met for the first time, felt relaxed, felt  welcomed, felt our love, and felt openly thankful this evening…

There’s nothing like a little spirit to ease the party along…

Happy mixing !!!

  1. Jim wants to try this drink- thanks for sharing
    And next year we want to be invited for thanksgiving too!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lynn permalink

    Mark, you are so talented. Loved the Autumn cocktail, the house, the friends…oh yeah…the food was amazing too! Lynn

    Liked by 1 person

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