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In a Pinch for a Holiday Party Appetizer?

December 7, 2014

This is a breeze and will be the first empty dish…  I promise…  I used to make this when I was 10 years old in the ’70’s…

On the way to the party, you realize you were supposed to bring an appetizer…  AAAHHHHHGGG!

Stop by any market…  Grab 3 things…  a small red onion…  a 1/2 pound block of Swiss cheese…  and a small jar of miracle whip…

Hey, I’m a Best Foods mayonnaise guy (Hellman’s for those east of the Mississippi)…  but trust me…

Shred the cheese into a bowl, fine dice the onion (maybe even only 1/2), and drop in the whole jar of Miracle Whip…      stir it around…       Uhh..  Oh yea…  pick up some Ritz crackers too…

Dip in your Ritz (or use a knife to spread it on)  and get ready for a trip to food Heaven…    This dish will be the first to empty…

Let me know if I’m right or if I’m wrong…  Merry Christmas !!

Happy Heating !!

  1. Love having a quick and easy appetizer recipe. Will try it out this weekend!

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