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Quick, Cheap, Healthy, and Pretty Snack

December 7, 2014

Hi guys…

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, my mom showed me this…   She loved radishes…  and so do I…  and so does my wife, mother-in-law, bro & sis’s…

If you haven’t done this yet…   Wait until you taste this !!!

So I ran (drove) to the store today, ’cause we’re making Rustic French Onion Soup (future post), and we were outta Sherry… (can’t have FOS without it)…   Do you do this too?    I went for one item, Sherry…  But ended up getting a fresh jalapeno bagel from the bakery section, 25lbs of carrots for the horses, a pineapple, some of my wife’s favorite Safeway zesty chicken tortilla soup (she doesn’t know yet) and these very abundant and delicious radishes to snack on this week…   I also ran into a friend who saw my 25lbs bag of horse carrots, and tapped me on the shoulder laughing that he had one too, for his horse…

Anyway…  when you see radishes like this in the produce section of your store…   get two bunches…

Break ’em off the greens, then trim off the tail and stem end a bit, I can’t help but just drop some salt on the cutting board, dipping in a radish, Ohhhhh…  take a bite and savor God’s food…  here’s one where no heat is required…   just eat !!     DEEEeeeeeeeelicious !!

just store them in a bowl in the fridge…   I swear…  almost every time you open the fridge for whatever, you’ll grab one, salt it and munch it…   So Good !!radishes2




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