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Holiday Fudge – See’s Candies Original Recipe

December 15, 2014

So…   this is a recipe that’s been in my wife’s family forever…  Mmm  Mmm Good !! We make a batch every Christmas season…    Give it a try! (It’s best to tackle this recipe with two people)

I did some research, and supposedly the recipe goes back to about 1930…   I also crossed checked today on Google and found similar recipes claiming the same, but with very subtle differences.    One catch is that the 1930’s recipe calls for “one can of evaporated milk.”   Well, in the 50’s a can of evaporated milk was most likely 15oz….   but today, Carnation is only 12oz…    Another thing to watch for is the “1 jar of marshmallow fluff”…  I think back then the jar was 10oz, but today it’s 7oz,  so we have to adjust this as well.  Another catch is that it calls for “3 bags of chocolate chips”…   pretty sure they were 12oz (by weight), so we weighed out 36oz…

Fact is, it might be just as good with today’s sized jars, cans, and bags…  but I’m not willing to risk the family tradition…

Side note about recipes…  when you’ve got a great recipe,  really spell out the measured amount of the ingredients…   “One can”  or “3 Bags” may not fly 50 years from now…

I can promise that our approach works great !!!   The finished fudge mix fills up one “half-sheet” pan perfectly… (with just enough left in the bowl for my wife to gobble up while it’s still warm. That’s a requirement.).

So here are all of the ingredients>>fudge1


36 oz of chocolate chips (by weight)

10oz of marshmallow creme

2 cups of chopped walnuts

1/2 lb. of butter (2 sticks)

4 1/2 cups of sugar

15oz of evaporated milk (NOT condensed)

2 teaspoons of vanilla




Put the nuts and marshmallow creme in a large bowl, then put the chocolate chips on top (important that they’re on top), then set aside.
(shown here without the chips yet)






In a heavy thick-bottom pot over medium heat, add the butter, sugar, milk, and vanilla.  (this pot is only used for fudge and has been in the family more than 50 years)



Stir this mix constantly while it makes its way to a rolling boil (adjust heat down a bit if needed to hold the rolling boil steady. Can’t do this on high because the sugar will burn) Notice that the mix has doubled in size due to the air being added by the boil.    Once the mix starts to boil, continue to stir constantly for 10 minutes. (you can see that the chips are in the bowl next to the pot, upper left corner)





Once you reach your 10 minute mark, slowly pour the hot mix over the chips, nuts, and marshmallow while your partner mixes it with a wooden spoon.  BE REALLY CAREFUL!  This stuff is very hot.  The pot is very hot.  The mixing bowl will become very hot.


Keep stirring and folding until all of the chocolate is melted and the marshmallow is no longer white.




While this is being stirred, have the “pourer”prepare your half-sheet pan with waxed paper and cooking spray. (approx 12″ x 18″ x 3/4” deep)





When the fudge  is fully mixed, immediately pour it into your  prepared sheet pan.  Spread it out to the corners and edges, then carefully give the pan a shake to help it level out…






If it fits, place it in the fridge…  if it’s a cold day, you can place it outside in a safe spot you trust…  It should set up in the fridge in about 2 hours (be sure not to let it freeze if it’s outside)…



Once it set’s up, you can cut it into bite-sized pieces.  We use a pastry cutter and spray it with cooking spray so the fudge won’t stick to it.  This recipe should yield about 150pcs…

fudge12fudge13Bring some to your friends, to a party, to work…  offer some to your neighbors…   Whatever you do, don’t keep it all to yourself…  Each 1″ x 1″ bite has about 100 delicious calories…  I hope you enjoy this as much we do…

Merry Christmas !!  And Happy Heating !!

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