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Heads Up… Easy Delicious Chicken Stock on your stove…

December 19, 2014

My wife and I can’t help but pick up a rotissarie chicken from Costco from time to time…   Where else can you get a whole 3 lbs deliciously cooked chicken for $5.00?   A raw 3lbs chicken at the grocery store is probably about $4.00…

So here’s the thing…    Don’t waste any of it…  We enjoyed one again this week but its only the two of us, so we have 2/3 left…     Today, I stripped the bird of all of it’s meat, and made stock (this is a no brainer, every time you have a bird) and another casserole that I’ll share within a few days…   This time with Fresh Roasted Pablano Chile’s….   Ohh Man…     I need to put the pic’s together and build the story…  Looking forward to sharing soon !!  2 for one on this one…  Delicious stock and a freakin awsome tex-mex-salsa-verde-fresh-roasted-pablano/chix dish…   ARRRRRIIIBA !!

Hey…  BTW…What do you like to do with your chicken leftovers?  Please share your ideas !!

Happy Heating !!



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  1. jestchat permalink

    Leftover chicken? Sandwiches. With lots of mayo, salt, pepper and cranberry sauce.

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