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Last Shopping Delivery for the Big Catering Night Tonight

January 24, 2015

A quick note for those interested…  I finally got all of the shopping done for the 110 guest catering gig tomorrow (later today)…                         Here’s a sneak preview of one of the special hors ‘devours…

No big pics of all of the stuff (much more than the Beef Burguignon for 100 post a while back), but if you want to see what ingredients for 100+ look like, check out the prior post)…

So while my wife and I shopped tonight, or when we were pretty much done, we took a moment to go to Harry’s Hofbrau,  a locally famous eatery with a bar and great micro-brews, to have a bite and a little spirit !     Then I got the notion to cook…   I planned to have soup shots in sleek tall shot glasses as a passed hors ‘devour, among others…  but hey, we all know that home-made soup always tastes better the next day…   So at about 10pm, I dropped my lovely lady off at home, and with a kiss and hug, I was off to drop off the last bunch of ingredients for the big shin-dig at the MPSMC, and to make the base for the  Cumin Infused White Bean with Bacon Soup…

I have to admit, that I searched “Food Network” recipes for the idea, and Tim Allen, from “Chopped”, had a great recipe idea for a party soup-shot-glass…  so I stole it…   You can look it up, probably, at food network/tim allen/white bean soup shots…

So I had to 8x the recipe…   his was for a small gathering…  mine is for a passed hors ‘devour for a party of 110…   can’t do “dollar for dollar” in this case… x 8…  too much bacon fat, too much garlic, too little white beans…  so interpretative judgments were made…



I made more bacon lardons…  Reserved 3/4 for garnish and texture in the shot…

20150123_224753 I used beef broth instead of chicken…   and I flashed the shallots with sherry…    but everything else is about the same…

I’m tellin’ ya…   Great Flavor !!     Added about 1/2 tsp of powdered cumin to richen it up… one of my favorite spices…     It’s all ready for tomorrow…

20150123_232851  blend it, strain it,  mill it,  then add the whole cream and cayenne to taste…  It’s gonna be like silk…  Oh yea…  Then when you serve it in the shot glasses…  you top it with a goat cheese crouton (I’m gonna use dark rye for the crouton), and in my case, I’ll also add a bacon bit or two, since I cooked a whole chopped up pound)…



Now it’s just soakin’ in all the goodness…  Waiting for the finishing touches…


Yum…  Yum…   YYyyuuuuummmmm !!




Oh…  Here are the cleaned shot glasses I rented for the soup-shot hors ‘devours tonight !


I promise to share pics of the serving trays from tomorrow, probably next week soon…   along with all the other fun food!

Until then  Happy Heating !!!


  1. jestchat permalink

    Menu sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to see more about the night.


  2. tallyhomare permalink

    I’m excited to see how it turns out (other than fabulous!). The shot glass soup idea is so fun.


  3. make sure to post pictures of those serving trays!


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