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Awesome Crab Feed !!! too little too late…

March 9, 2015

Hi all…    I can’t thank you enough for your interest …    Believe it or not, I just spent the last entire week (evenings) preparing for the Mounted Patrol of San Mateo County’s annual Crab Feed…   We served about 170 members and guests to a great party night last night (Saturday)      the “too little too late” is about timing…     There was a great band for dancing, plenty of fresh Dungeness (San Francisco) crab, Aldent’e pasta with home-made vodka-tomato sauce, mesquite-grilled fresh garlic-butter-and-herbed-bread, mixed green salad,  and anti-pasti…       at least 400 pounds of totally fresh local Dungeness crab was available…   everybody had a great time !!!

The thing is… (too little too late)  I didn’t have time to take pictures…  Busy…  Busy…  Busy…            Except for these pics…  My great friend (brother-from-another-mother {and father}) Michael Van Piccolotti and I took the early route and made up the anti-pasti platters the night before…   here’s a look…



Ok…    there’s no heat applied here…  Sooooooo  easy for 100 plus though…  figure an 1/8 lbs PP…  or in this case, each anti-pasti tray was built for 8 folks…  Can you guess or better, dictate what should be placed on the 3rd?

Tip of the day?     Trust your friends…   and their “grown-up” kids…    We had kids of members ranging in age from 12 to 19, who served all of our guests…   They helped in the kitchen as well…   Thanks to all of you girls, and Ryan the baseball king…

20150306_170129…   and to you, Mike P., for keeping me sane throughout…     Here’s a pic or two  of the platters for perspective…

Yep…  we did it again…

Happy Heating !!!

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