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Are you into the Truck Food Craze?

March 28, 2015

Been  awhile…  How’ve you been?

Let me know if, for you, life doesn’t have a way of pulling you in a thousand directions… all when you feel like you just need to focus on one thing for a bit…

So truck food…  Are you into it?  It’s on TV..  in the movies “The Chef” (great movie I think)  big cities have truck wars…  Truck gatherings…   Truck – Truck – Truck…

In my late teens, catering trucks were called “Roach Coaches”…       Then, somehow, they became haute’ cuisine…

Crepe trucks, Korean taco trucks, Indian Pakora trucks…   What about those Mexican Street taco trucks?

I don’t know where you’re all from, but here in the middle of the Slilcon valley, Redwood City, Ca, we have an abundant Hispanic community…   So much so, that a portion of a main drag, Middlefield Road, sometimes seems like Tijuana…  The billboards are in spanish, the store fronts look like Baja California, the way people drive is like Cancun (have you ever been in a cab in Cancun?  left turn lanes for one are stuffed with 3 taxi’s and they all take the turn at once)  Two lane roads hold 4 cars abreast…

Ok I digress…  It’s the taco trucks !!!

Been eating Al Pastor (bbq pork) tacos from trucks in the area for more than 20 years…  way before it was a fad…

Today, I had the ABSOLUTE BEST TACO’S AL PASTOR I’ve ever had, even including the ones from a little street stand in Cabo San Lucas, which are probably second best for me at this point.  I’ve also had them in Cancun from a street vendor…  They were OK…

Anabelita’s Taco Truck was parked about 2 blocks before my planed right turn for a bank stop earlier today…  I saw ’em, and decided to back-track to get lunch b4 going to the bank to make my business deposit…   there was no line at the time, and I ordered my “Dos tacos Al Pastor con todo, spicy” in my best Mexican accent…   The pretty young gal in the truck said “three dollors por favor”  we both spoke “Spanglish”…  I’m sorry that I didn’t take pictures, because these truck tacos were the best I’ve ever seen, then tasted…    After I ate in my truck, i had to go back to ask “do you speak English OK?”  She said “Jes” with a cute smile.  I asked “how do you say Abundant in Espanola”  “Abundante” she said…  “Very much right?”

Absolutely…   I was thinking as I was eating these luscious street tacos that the tortilla’s weren’t big enough for the amount of meat they were topped with…  But I decided that it was perfectly fine, because everything was delicious…  Here’s what makes them better than the rest in my opinion…

The pork was cooked perfectly…  it’s usually charred a bit, with onions and spices…   but in this case,it was a bit charred, saucy, tangy, with onions, AND, there were small bits of pineapple, ripe (red) jalapeno chiles, and carrot cooked in with the pork as well… the foil covered paper plate also had a lime wedge, some pickled carrot slices, and a few bits of pickled Jalapeno wedges, all topped with fresh red onion bits and fresh cilantro…

I wanted to tag the truck in this blog, but the business card I was given has no web address…    A food truck without twitter or Facebook, or instagram or, anything…  just the name…   Anabelita’s Food Truck, Salvadoran and Mexican   650.669.4849…

If you’re in the area, please give them a try, you won’t be disappointed !!  give ’em a call to let them know you read this too…

Not your average taco truck…  Abundante !!  Delicioso !! Muy Bueno !!   Caliente !!

Until next time…   Happy Heating !!   Mark

  1. aladywrites4u permalink

    I haven’t eaten truck food in a long time. I ate it a lot when I was in Cali but they’re not so common here.


  2. Definitely need to check out the El Chevito Taco Truck if come down south to Huntington Beach. Some of the best street tacos at the best price ever.


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