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THE ULTIMATE COMFORT FOOD… (memories of my mom)

June 7, 2015

SOFT BOILED EGGS !!!  20150607_103325_resized

Yes.  I said it.  Soft boiled eggs…   The food of the riche’?     NOT IN MY HOUSE !!!

No Fancy Egg holders, or special silver knives to crack ’em open…   Certainly no egg “slurping”…   I’ll get into the details in a minute…  (the cooking ones that is)   But I think I’ll take it back a bit…

My Mom was, in my best memory, the sweetest, loving, caring, smiley-faced-woman who ever walked the earth…  I spent 100% of my life with her until I was forced to go to kindergarten…  Can anyone imagine spending your entire life on the hip of such a lovely mom?   Then not long after school started, she was gone…   I guess God needed her… (Cancer in the late 60’s)

Well that was 45 years ago…     Hmmm…   Another story…

Did you ever get a sore throat or Strep throat , or whatever as a kid?   I did almost every year…  here’s the remedy “Gypsy” offered.. (my Mom’s nickname)…

I make this probably 3-4 times a month…   Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast…   It fills the belly and the soul…

Today, I added a few flares for effect…  but it still takes me back to my mom’s hip… (and forever love)

She used to do 3:30 minute eggs…  I like 4:00 ones…     Who Can’t boil an egg?

Simply get a small pot of water going on your stove until it comes to a boil…  turn it down to just below medium…  put a fresh egg into a teaspoon and gently place it into the lightly boiling water…   1 is good for one person…  two if there is an appetite…    the thing is…  this is buttered toast with runny egg yolk, salt & pepper…   I think it’s better than Matzo-ball soup for a cold…

Some might call it “Peasant Eggs”…  I call it heaven in a bowl…

Drop the eggs… into the water and let them soak…  set your timer for 4 minutes… in the mean time, toast the “San Francisco Sliced Sour Dough Bread” in the toaster…  Butter it up…  Chop it into 1/2 inch cubes, and set aside…20150607_103046_resized  then, as a kicker today..

20150607_102602_resizedFry a bit of thinly sliced ham…  get some color on it in a dry pan…  then chop it up into small squares with the toast…

toss the bread and ham into the bowl…   then the magic happens…



Pick the 4-minute-egg out of the pot with the teaspoon… hold it under cold running water for about 10 seconds (this cools off the shell enough to handle it)  Hold it, crack it in the center with the teaspoon… 20150607_103236_resized  (one half will hold the yoke, and carefully scoop out the soft-boiled egg from each side…   (no shell) !…


So now you’ve got chopped toast, chopped thinly sliced pan-fried ham, and soft-boiled egg in your bowl…    Add a little finish salt, ground black pepper, a touch of dried dill, and either Tabasco or , my recent favorite, Sriracha, then stir and chop…  then EAT !!!



The taste is amazing…   if you want to get more fancy, you could add salsa, or fresh tomato…  Feeling Fancy?  Add chopped Avocado…  Crushed tortilla chips instead of toast?  It’s your World…..  Simply Apply Heat and Eat !!20150607_103325_resized

I sincerely hope that you’ll try this for the sake of your soul…

Hangover?  works…

Heartbroken?  Works…

Flu? Works…

Cold?  Works…

Memories?   It’s the best way for me today to keep in touch with what my Mom gave to me in my early years…  Heart, Love and Soul…   Love you Gypsy !!

Until next time…  Happy Heating !! (and soft boiled egging!!)

  1. Love your memory:). This is so beautiful. I hope my kids look back at their Mom with such love!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Suzanne Ernst permalink

    Mark, I was so enchanted by my Aunt Gypsy, and by your whole family. I hope we can get in touch soon- Love, your cousin Suzanne

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Suzanne… So glad you are in touch ! Thanks for the nice comments about Gypsy… So long ago, but she is still missed… I’m still in the bay area… Where are you these days?\


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