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THE ULTIMATE COMFORT FOOD… (memories of my mom)

June 8, 2015


SOFT BOILED EGGS !!!  20150607_103325_resized

Yes.  I said it.  Soft boiled eggs…   The food of the riche’?     NOT IN MY HOUSE !!!

No Fancy Egg holders, or special silver knives to crack ’em open…   Certainly no egg “slurping”…   I’ll get into the details in a minute…  (the cooking ones that is)   But I think I’ll take it back a bit…

My Mom was, in my best memory, the sweetest, loving, caring, smiley-faced-woman who ever walked the earth…  I spent 100% of my life with her until I was forced to go to kindergarten…  Can anyone imagine spending your entire life on the hip of such a lovely mom?   Then not long after school started, she was gone…   I guess God needed her… (Cancer in the late 60’s)

Well that was 45 years ago…     Hmmm…   Another story…

Did you ever…

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