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Planning Ahead for a delicious week… Saute’ed Ground Turkey…

June 18, 2015

This is an idea that my wife started about 4 or 5 years ago…    Make up a package (1.3 lbs) of ground turkey meat to keep in the fridge…   This is a great one to practice your flavor profiles with… Sometimes she makes it with a Mexican flare…  other times maybe Asian, or even Mediterranean or Middle Eastern…  I’ve made it for her from time to time as well…   She likes the surprise of what it will taste like…

The thing is about ground turkey….  It’s a GREAT source of protein, but there is very little fat, so also very little flavor…  But this is fine, because it’s like working with a blank slate !   Always start with a bit of olive oil in the pan (fat), then drop in your ground turkey…  Start breaking it up right away to get it into small bits…

Now…  You should think of a flavor profile you like…   Open the spice cupboard and see what lights you up…

Mexican might be:  Garlic powder, coriander powder (cilantro), Chile or chipotle powder (for a smokey spin), always salt and black pepper…     Then you should add some moisture too…   How about a couple of tablespoons of salsa from your fridge?    An ounce or two of beer or tequila?  save the liquid for the end to flash the pan to get all of the crispy bits to lift from the pan…  Careful if you use tequila…  it will flame up on you…  take the pan off the stove, add the tequila, then put it back… once the fire hits the hot fumes, it will flash !!

Asian might be:  Garlic powder, ginger powder, 5-spice powder…    Soy sauce in place of salt…same idea…  add some liquid…  Maybe Rice Wine vinegar?  Sake?  Again save it until the end…   One might try some “Mae Ploy” before the flash to add some heat and sweet…

Mediterranean?  Oregano, garlic, lemon pepper…   lemon juice and white wine to flash…

Middle Eastern?  Garlic, onion powder, sesame seeds, paprika, turmeric…   flash with beer or water…  add chili to taste… (maybe try a bit of Hummus as a thickener…)

Thai?  Garlic, ginger, fish sauce (salt), Red Curry Paste, flash with lime juice and beer…

I guess you get the idea by now…   Here’s the thing…  Now you’ve got this flavor-town ground turkey in the fridge…  No matter what flavor profile you decided on, it can be used in So Many Ways !!!

1)  Scramble and egg, add some frozen chopped spinach, sprinkle some of the turkey on top…  Home Made Joe’s Special…

2)  Have some left over mashed potatoes?  Toss some turkey on top, sprinkle on some shredded cheese…  pop it into the microwave…  Mock Sheppard’s Pie…

Turkey Tacos3)  Heat up a pan, spray some cooking spray in, toss in a corn tortilla, flip after a while…  You’ve got a taco shell…   Chop up a bit of fresh onion, tomato, avocado, shredded cheese…  Delicious, flavor-town tacos…

4)  Have some left over pasta sauce in a jar in the fridge?  Make some pasta, heat up the sauce in a pan…  add some turkey…  you’ve got a tasty pasta with meat sauce plate !!

Left over rice?  Make fried rice…  Add some turkey to a can of Chile…  Sloppy Joes…  Heat it up in the micro, put it in a hot dog bun, add mustard…

Please simply use your imagination and you will think of so many ways to use this versatile, and flavorful, low-fat, delicious approach to plan ahead and enjoy !!

Mark A. Musante

Mark A. Musante

Give it a try and let me know what you think !!

Until next time…   Happy Heating !!

  1. Lynn permalink

    Another informative post…must save this one for future reference. Ground turkey is on Franks list of good foods since his heart surgery. Thanks Mark! Lynn

    Liked by 1 person

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