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75 Year Old San Francisco Tradition, Revealed

August 9, 2017

Well…  It has been a while, over a year I think…   Thanks for stickin’ with me…    Had to share this with all of you !

Ok.  This is actually about THE bread…

I found a bakery in South San Francisco that has the best sour dough bread I’ve had since I was  kid… Raymond’s Gourmet Breads…    It was baked today at about 6am…  picked up around 10am…   and it was still warm when we sliced into it for lunch.  Delicious by itself, but heaven with a dollop of butter.

It reminded me of a family story about an old San Francisco treat called a “Herb’s Burp” sandwich…  I checked “GOOGLE”, but found no history on line about Herb’s store or the infamous sandwich, so I guess I’ll have to pass this story on using my mother-in-law’s memories, as she has explained to me…  I’m going from memory here too…   So here it goes…

My wife of nearly 25 years introduced me to this SO SIMPLE, YET DELICIOUS sandwich that her mother had when she was a kid  in the “Sunset” district of San Francisco back in the late 30’s.  Her grandparents, mother, and uncle lived a few blocks from 19th Ave, on Teravel…  It was a close-knit neighborhood, like many of them across this great nation.  Over on the corner, was Herb’s Market.  A typical neighborhood market back in the day; candy for the kids, eggs, cream, butter, OJ, maybe beer…  you know…  But one thing that Herb had, that nobody else had, and nobody else probably ever thought of, was his special San Francisco sourdough whole-loaf-sandwich…  “Herb’s Burp”…                           That’s what he called it !!    So simple, yet so delicious !! (I’ve also heard it called “Herb’s Burpie”)

Although Herb’s store had been long since closed, my wife’s family would build this whole-loaf sandwich on many occasions over the years.  We still carry on the tradition in our house by building this historic sandwich a few times a year…  Had to make one today with this excellent sourdough loaf.

Herb’s Burp Sandwich starts and ends with the perfect San Francisco Loaf of Sourdough bread…  Use the Whole Loaf.

Slice the loaf in half, the long way. (be careful, don’t cut yourself in the process), now spread American yellow mustard (it’s called Frenches, but it’s American, not French) on the bottom side…  Now spread good old fashioned “Best Foods” or “Heilman’s” mayonnaise on the top side…  It’s ok to be liberal with this…

Now the quest begins…    lay cheap (the best) bologna  in one layer (barely overlapping), along the loaf, add a similar single layer of processed “American” cheese product across the loaf, then another single layer of decent Italian salami slices…

But wait, we’re not done yet…

Next, add an additional layer of processed white “Swiss” cheese product, and finally top it all off with the cheapest processed ham product that you can find…  remember, each layer is a single layer.  (I keep saying “cheap” because that’s how Herb did it.  Of course you can use top level meats and cheeses if you wish, but then it will be “Your Burp”).

Finally, stack the top half of the cut-in-half loaf with mayo on it on top of the meat and cheese mound…

That’s It!  Wait ’til you taste it !  From the bottom up…  Bread, Mustard, Bologna, American Cheese, Salami, Swiss Cheese, Ham, Mayo, Bread.  An entire loaf of Herb’s Burp.

As the story goes, Herb used to sell the full-loaf sandwich by the inch…  you could get 1, 2, or 3 inches, or the whole thing.

If you had 2-bits back then, you wouldn’t go hungry around Herb’s place…   (anyone born after 1970, should google {“what is 2-bits”})

Herb’s Burp is a thing you can share with your friends…  It’s a thing that lasts for several days,  It’s a thing you’ll remember forever once you taste it.  It’s a thing that you can take a slice of and heat up in the micro for about 15 seconds.  You know, it’s a thing…    …a delicious thing.

I hope you get the chance to build and savor this divine historic delight !    I think I’ll go cut a 1 inch slice off of the one we just made…  Ummmm.

Glad you stopped by to check this out…  remember…  happy heating !!





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    Need to rebuild this one at some point soon!


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